Monday, May 11, 2015

Circadian Rhythm

For people who travel a lot one must have heard the phrase body clock, and wondered if such a thing does exist. It does and it is called Circadian Rhythm. Researchers are worried about the wide range of implications a disrupted circadian rhythm may have which includes the risk of cardiovascular events, obesity, sleep disorders and many other neurological disorders

Circadian Rhythm and its applications have a vital management implication, especially on productivity. Managers will expect employees to be on the top of their game throughout the day, which is quite unrealistic, employers might want to perform at peak levels throughout the day but that too doesn’t seem viable. For most employees it takes a while to reach their peak maybe after their first cup of coffee, and this was last till about lunch time, hitting a low at about 3 pm. We usually blame this on lunch, especially the huge servings of Biryani, but this is a natural process of the circadian rhythm.                
Managers should tailor tasks of employees keeping in mind circadian rhythms like assignments, deadlines and expectations. It all boils down to understanding your employees and deriving the maximum from them at the right times. Employees should be well aware of their own circadian rhythms while planning their day to achieve maximum productivity. The best way to keep everything in check is taking naps, power naps as there are known. Keeps the mind and body table, also stay hydrated most energy dips are usually experienced due to lack of hydration.